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Water monitoring cabin

Safe of our purification process, and in collaboration with the territorial control body of the waters, a monitoring booth was installed for industrial discharges.
Maintaining the usual daily analysis of our internal laboratory; now, an external and certified body, independently monitors our results.

A further safety step, before pouring the processing water, to the nearby municipal purification plant specialized in the treatment of tanning wastes.
This, after further analysis, will re-establish the precious liquid source of life in the local fluvial system.

As a demonstration of our support for the environment, there is the fact that our entire water supply takes place exclusively from the local industrial network.
Water strictly non-potable, therefore not intended for human use; it is slowly accumulated in the evening, in special tanks. In this way we protect ourselves for the daily production peaks, not damaging the other companies that use the service, or we weigh on the upstream supply reserves.

In contrast to the surrounding companies, which choose to withdraw from groundwater wells; we have chosen to proceed in this way, to protect local water reserves. Control and analyze everything that enters and exits, without any risk of damaging or polluting, an already tested environment.