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All our projects for a better world

  • because you get more, consuming less.
  • because you make a conscious choice to reduce the environmental impact.
  • because you get energy independence from network interruptions.
These are just some of the answers, which convinced us to start our cogeneration plant. To choose a path that leads us to save fuel by increasing efficiency, a green way that introduces less CO2 into the atmosphere; and a sustainable path, which cuts waste from separate energy production or network dispersion. How tanning has evolved by optimizing resources, polluting less and improving the product; even the company’s energy consumption must evolve towards sustainability. Cogeneration allows the combined production of energy and heat from a single plant. It supplies electricity to the machines, hot water to the barrels of the wet ward, and powers the lighting as the heating of the shed. Composed of a gas-powered engine, an electric generator and a heat exchanger, the apparatus is sized to meet our needs. Reliable and avant-garde, it is able to control itself on the basis of the peaks of the company’s energy demand. Constantly monitored remotely, also for assistance and maintenance, it is always the result of the new “INDUSTRIA 4.0” The time has come for a new tanning future, a future 4.0 /wp-content/uploads/2022/02/tumblr_pgp2x1QUG91wgsmqro1_540.jpg
Safe of our purification process, and in collaboration with the territorial control body of the waters, a monitoring booth was installed for industrial discharges. Maintaining the usual daily analysis of our internal laboratory; now, an external and certified body, independently monitors our results. A further safety step, before pouring the processing water, to the nearby municipal purification plant specialized in the treatment of tanning wastes. This, after further analysis, will re-establish the precious liquid source of life in the local fluvial system. As a demonstration of our support for the environment, there is the fact that our entire water supply takes place exclusively from the local industrial network. Water strictly non-potable, therefore not intended for human use; it is slowly accumulated in the evening, in special tanks. In this way we protect ourselves for the daily production peaks, not damaging the other companies that use the service, or we weigh on the upstream supply reserves. In contrast to the surrounding companies, which choose to withdraw from groundwater wells; we have chosen to proceed in this way, to protect local water reserves. Control and analyze everything that enters and exits, without any risk of damaging or polluting, an already tested environment.
A tower scrubber can be defined as a washing booth, which, by means of a “shower”, eliminates the polluting substances present in the waste water. A ZERO IMPACT plant, which does not use any chemical product, but only simple and very common air. Specifically, a nozzle placed at the bottom of the tower creates a gaseous stream that naturally rises upwards. At the same time as the nebulizers, they release the waste water, which from above falls downwards due to gravity. This creates turbulences between the two opposing currents, which by simple physical contact between gas and water, trap pollutants in the rising air. Small bubbles covered with slag, reach the top of the tower; where in a condenser, they release all the substances carried. At the summit, the air succeeds completely purified from the cycle, without release of odors, and free of fine dust from here it is usually contaminated. All the pollutants captured are collected in special disposal tanks in the form of easily recyclable sludge. A simple and effective process that does not weigh on the environment, and that helps everyone to live better.
For years we are talking about LEDs, but what are they, and why change lighting? LED, or Light-Emitting Diodes, is an electronic component that emits ultraviolet and infrared light when a small amount of current flows. This technology represents the evolution of lighting, in which the generation of light is obtained through semiconductors, replacing the use of incandescent filaments, or fluorescence of the gases. More energy efficient, has a longer life, and is more sustainable for the environment; since it does not pollute, and does not contain dangerous substances. Shines! Also because it is free of bright pollutants, it has nought emission UV, long-lasting for humans, and IR harmful to the eyes. These emissions are very harmful for the leather, causing loss of color brilliance and degradation of the material, due to the long exposure to old artificial lights. The LEDs do not even generate heat, I keep it inside them, using the best power for lighting. Interesting feature, which avoids waste, and saves in air conditioning. Maintenance almost nothing, and an immediate ignition, make them also very comfortable to use.
We have always been committed to respecting the environment, choosing performance technologies and guaranteeing safe processes for people. Choosing to change, to reduce waste to produce more sustainable, does not want to be yet another catchy slogan.

For us, even small daily gestures, which are repeated with awareness (and multiplied by an industrial reality), are enough to make the real difference in the environmental impact. Learning to use renewable resources, to produce recyclable waste, or to invest in established production technologies in the protection of the environment, is something that involves the whole supply chain. It becomes a collective contribution, a constant commitment of all, valid in the difficult present, as well as passing on to future generations.

With the aim of reducing the environmental footprint, the sum of all the companies involved in the creation of a finished product; we have always given the maximum value to relationships with our suppliers, collaborators and customers. Conscious, that for how much we can engage in the research and development of innovative solutions, in creating articles eco-friendly, leather will always be the intermediate product of a long working chain.

Protecting the community by reducing energy consumption, or limiting the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere and in the water, becomes as important as creating a circular economy integrated into the local socio-economic reality. Generate work and income to support the community, to ensure human and social well-being in the area, and to the people who live there.

As a company, let’s not forget that our goal is to provide the best product possible; without burdening it with unnecessary costs. And, the virtuosity of sustainability, allows us to save money, making everyone gain! We learn to recognize the value of local resources and services, adding technological innovation to the tanning tradition, in a market that is always changing like the global; obtaining the formula of success that binds MADE IN ITALY to GREEN ECONOMY for years.

Our way of life is essentially a spinning wheel, it is up to each of us to keep the wheel moving, finding new ways of producing and exploiting energy. On this basis our projects started, aimed at a more GREEN production, and a 360 ° ECOSUSTAINABILITY. We all invest in sustainable production techniques, guaranteeing the work ethic aimed at protecting our planet and with it all of us!