In the following season, the team, composed by the same players and coached by Nico Messina, arrived 6th.[24]. [41], After the defeat in the Cup, Porelli sacked Ranuzzi and hired coach Aleksandar Nikolić, worldwide known as "The Professor". At twenty seconds from the end of the game, with Fortitudo leading by 4, Danilović scored a three-point shot and at the same time suffered a foul by Dominique Wilkins, completing the so-called "four-point shot". [42] Despite his fame, Nikolić did not succeed in bringing Virtus back to title, so in 1983, after the brief experiences of George Bisacca and Mauro Di Vincenzo, the 35 years-old Alberto Bucci, from Bologna, became the new head coach. Despite the head coach's change, the team continued collecting poor successes, being ousted in the Korać Cup's quarterfinals and in the first round of national playoffs. The two teams faced themselves in a historic final, always remembered as one of the best in Italian basketball history, in which Virtus defeated Olimpia by 2–1, reaching its 10th national title, also known as La Stella ("The Star"), due to the star which is attributed to teams that manage to win ten national championships. [107], In 2003–04 season, Sabatini signed important former NBA players like Charles Smith, Vonteego Cummings and Rick Brunson. [116] The team ended the regular season at the 5th place and was eliminated in the first round of national playoffs by Treviso. [127] After few months, Bertolini was replaced too by Alberto Bucci, the former Virtus coach, who won three national titles with the Black V between 1980s and 1990s. [52], Despite the playoffs' elimination, the season was considered a rebirth for Virtus: the national cup was the team's first trophy since 1984 and the great performances of Richardson had brought back the passion for basketball in the city. Copyright Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna S.P.A. C.F. The team was initially coached by Giampiero Ticchi, who was replaced in November by Alberto Bucci, Black V's historic coach. [118] He also signed, among others, David Moss, Andre Collins, Petteri Koponen and Viktor Sanikidze. [8] In July 1945, Virtus, led by Achille Canna, Luigi Rapini and Antonio Calebotta, won its first national Serie A title, defeating 35–31 Reyer Venezia in the final. However, they lost by only one point against Maccabi Tel Aviv, after a very contested game and dubious referees' choices. During the playoffs, the Black V returned after more than twenty years to Bologna's historic arena, PalaDozza, which became the new official home court in the following season. The club's motto was Forte Franco Fermo Fiero ("Strong Frank Firm Proud") and was inserted in the logo under the Black V, with a cross made by four F;[4] the motto is still used by Virtus today. GIOCATORI in ordine alfabetico (In corsivo i giocatori che hanno disputato solo amichevoli o allenamenti. He signed with the Braves but postponed his entry into the NBA in order to attend the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Moreover, it is one of the most successful teams in Europe, having won two EuroLeagues, one FIBA Saporta Cup and one Basketball Champions League. [65] However the team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup by the Real Madrid. LBF, 11° giornata: Allianz Geas Sesto San Giovanni vs Virtus Segafredo Bologna 13 Dic 2020 Jacopo Cavalli LBA, 11° giornata: Allianz Pallacanestro Trieste vs Virtus Segafredo Bologna Some of the club's star players over the years have included: Tom McMillen, Renato Villalta, Jim McMillian, Krešimir Ćosić, Micheal Ray Richardson, Roberto Brunamonti, Jure Zdovc, Predrag Danilović, Cliff Levingston, Arijan Komazec, Orlando Woolridge, Zoran Savić, Bane Prelević, Radoslav Nesterović, Antoine Rigaudeau, Hugo Sconochini, Marko Jarić, Manu Ginóbili, Matjaž Smodiš, Keith Langford and Miloš Teodosić. 6+6 format (colours: Italian or homegrown players; foreign players; young players). I tamponi sono negativi, quindi tutto bene.” [62][63], As president, Cazzola brought to Virtus an entrepreneurial mentality, which would be necessary in the team's future growth. [90] The absence of a strong leader like Danilović and the subsequent ban for doping of another historic player like Hugo Sconochini, forced every single player of the team to take more responsibility, but at the same time opened spaces to the immature and talented newcomers, free to show their abilities and experience at a high level. After few months, coach Pasquali was succeeded by Matteo Boniciolli. Despite a good season's start the team ended 9th, out of the playoffs. [150] Virtus, which had achieved the league's playoffs, was confirmed for the following season. [20] Alternately nicknamed "Torquemada" or "Robespierre" for his quick and often dictatorial methods, or, more frequently, L'Avvocato ("The Lawyer"), Porelli has been one of the most prominent figures in the history of Virtus, which through initiatives often unpopular but almost always winning, definitively carried towards professionalism. [128] On 4 May 2016, at the end of the regular season the team ranked 16th and last, therefore it was relegated to Serie A2 Basket for the first time in its history.[129]. Belinelli, one of the greatest Italian players of all time and 2014 NBA Champion, started his career with Virtus in the early 2000s.[157]. Moreover, Kinder, a product brand line of Italian confectionery multinational Ferrero SpA, became the new sponsor of Virtus. [145] In the 2019–20 season, Virtus played some home games, including the derby against Fortitudo won 94–62, at the Virtus Arena, a temporary indoor arena with a capacity of nearly 9,000 seats, located in the Fiera District. Virtus is the second most titled basketball club in Italy after Olimpia Milano, having won 15 Italian national championships, 8 Italian National Cups and 1 Italian Supercup. Despite good premises, the team was eliminated in the first round of Italian Cup's Final Eight and failed to qualify for the championship playoffs. Played at least one official international match for their national team at any time. Alla Virtus aveva vinto in 2 anni, da giocatore: ’79 e ’80, con Villalta e Caglieris, Bertolotti e Generali, Wells e McMillian. This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 20:12. [44] In the same year, the team completed a domestic double by adding a National Cup. Per la Fortitudo, Sauders 20 punti, Happ 17 e sette rimbalzi). [155] In September, Virtus hosted the Supercup's Final Four at the Segafredo Arena, but it lost against Olimpia Milan 75–68; the Supercup was the first competition since the cancellation of the previous season. Markovski's team reached the championship finals, but it was defeated 3–0 by Montepaschi Siena. [23], In the same year, Virtus broke away from the multi sports club, becoming a joint-stock company. [149] On 5 May, the EuroLeague's commissioner Jordi Bertomeu announced the cancellation of the EuroCup season too. However, it was eliminated in the first round by Olimpia Milan. [82] Then Virtus won the match in the overtime. Finals, Game 5: Kinder Bologna becomes first champ in last game! È il primo socio con il 40%, La Virtus Bologna supera anche Strasburgo ed è imbattuta! [69], In the 1994–95 season, Joe Binion replaced Levingston, while the rest of the team remained untouched. The 1998 final between Virtus and Fortiudo is widely considered as the greatest one in the history of Italian basketball, with two teams from the same city, which were among the best ones in the continent. In the summer, president Bucci announced Alessandro Ramagli as new head coach of Virtus. [101] During the summer, due to contrasts with Madrigali, Brunamonti also left the club, after nearly 20 years passed as player and general manager. In origine erano ben sei le squadre di basket che giocavano sotto le due torri. After a tough beginning, the season had a turning point during the Christmas derby against Fortitudo, which was soundly won by the Black V by 99–62. Ognuno sta solo in camera. [78], In 1997, Roberto Brunamonti became team's general manager,[79] while coach Messina and Sasha Danilović returned to Virtus and the team was completed with important international players like Radoslav Nesterovič, Antoine Rigaudeau, Hugo Sconochini and Alessandro Frosini, as well as with the confirmation of Zoran Savić and Alessandro Abbio. [50] At the beginning of the season, Porelli reached an agreement with Knorr, a German food and beverage brand, which became the team's sponsor. Ad amici che lo chiamavano da Bologna aveva risposto, pochi giorni fa, con toni mesti. [71], After the three-peat, Danilović left Virtus for the Miami Heat. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed. Under the strong leadership of Danilović and the important support of Brunamonti, Claudio Coldebella, Paolo Moretti, Augusto Binelli and Bill Wennington, the team, coached by Ettore Messina, won its eleventh national championship, defeating 3–0 the Benetton Treviso. Virtus Bologna, colpo da Eurolega: arriva Teodosic! [5] The team's home court was the former church of Santa Lucia in the city center, which could host a few hundred people.[6]. After the promotion, Virtus settled permanently at the top of the national basketball league, and achieved a long series of honorable placings: in the nine championships disputed from 1935 to the outbreak of the Second World War, the Black V collected 6 second places, 2 third places, and a sixth place, however Virtus never achieved to win a national title. [45], In 1984–85, Virtus reached the semifinal group stage of the Champions Cup, where, however, it was eliminated. [151], After the early end of the season, the team was largerly confirmed for the following championship and, in May and June, the club signed prominent Italian players, like Awudu Abass and Amedeo Tessitori,[152][153] and homegrown ones, like Amar Alibegović. [33] However, despite the controversies which rose around his farewell, Peterson's legacy was huge: the American coach deeply changed the team's organization and contributed in bringing back Virtus to the top of Italian basketball after twenty years of struggles. [122] In the following season, Virtus signed, among others, Steven Smith, Richard Mason Rocca and Jacob Pullen. Stagione conclusa. [38] The team took part also in the European Champions Cup, where it was eliminated in the semifinals group stage. [137] On 4 April, the Black V defeated Nanterre 92, reaching the BCL Final Four in Antwerp,[138] which won on 5 May defeating Iberostar Tenerife 73–61, thanks to an outstanding game by Kevin Punter, who was able to score 26 points and was nominated Final Four MVP. Era tornato da tecnico: l'avvocato Porelli credeva al suo genio un po’ strampalato, unico. Red has been used for sponsorship reasons after the agreement with, FIBA European Champions Cup and EuroLeague, 2018–19 Basketball Champions League champions, Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna in international competitions, Primo scudetto della Virtus pallacanestro, Virtus, secondo conflitto mondiale e dopoguerra, Storia e rivalità del derby d'Italia, domani a Bologna con diretta Rai 2, Il Gira seconda squadra bolognese di pallacanestro in serie A, Tutta la genialità di Tracuzzi in una monografia, Virtus pallacanestro Bologna – Stagione 1960/1961, Una notte per parlare di Simmenthal e Ignis. [10] Under Poluzzi, Virtus won the title again in 1948 and 1949, achieving the so-called "four-peat". Each of them was more than just a basketball court, rather a real "house" of the Black V, marking, in the period when they were used, a different era of the long history of society: In 2019, the club has closed a deal to build a new arena with 16,000 seating capacity in the Fiera District, not far away from the temporary Virtus Arena.[158]. [98] Despite this, the team lost 89–83 the EuroLeague final, which was held in PalaMalaguti, against Panathinaikos of Dejan Bodiroga and Željko Obradović,[99] and was eliminated in the semifinals for the national championship by Benetton Treviso. Virtus Bologna, il punto della situazione sul mercato, con il club felsineo che vuole confermare quanto di buono ha fatto in questa stagione. This period became known as "Sugar-mania", from Richardson's historic nickname. The team reached a record of seven wins in the first seven games of the continental competition, which had never been achieved before. Gamba, one of the most successful Italian coaches of all time, did not succeed in winning with Virtus too, exiting in the first round of 1986 playoffs and being eliminated in the quarterfinals of 1987 playoffs. Hill brought in Italy two former NBA players: Micheal Ray Richardson, a NBA All-Star and former player for the Knicks and New Jersey Nets, who was banned from the NBA for violations of league's drug policy,[49] and Clemon Johnson, 1983 NBA champion with the Philadelphia 76ers, who also played for the Indiana Pacers and Seattle SuperSonics. I “caffettari” bolognesi partiranno certamente tra in un posizione privilegiata nella griglia di partenza anche se, a giudizio unanime, non in “pole” position. [126] However, the team arrived 13th, out of the playoffs. This unusual venue became the hallmark of a new Italian basketball season, compared to the worldwide famous Boston Garden. [154] The club completed the roster with Josh Adams, a point guard from Unicaja Málaga. [21], As soon as he arrived, at only 38 years old, Porelli sacked coach Šíp and appointed Renzo Ranuzzi, a former player. Virtus Bologna: l’avversaria più plausibile per Milano? [117], In the following season, Sabatini hired Lino Lardo as head coach and appointed Vukčević as team's captain. [80] In the same year, the club moved to PalaMalaguti, an indoor sporting arena in Casalecchio di Reno with a seating capacity of more than 8,000 people, leaving PalaDozza after almost 40 years. The turning point occurred in 1968, when the lawyer Gianluigi Porelli was appointed by the then president of the multi-sport club, Giovanni Elkan, at the head of the basketball section. Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna prenderà parte alla Coppa Intercontinentale I GIOCATORI VIRTUS AL BELLARIA PER LIBRI A ROTELLE DI BIMBO TU Virtus Segafredo Bologna – Iren Fixi Torino, il pre partita dell’ottava giornata di LBF Virtus was founded in 1871 as a gymnastics club, forming its first professional basketball team in 1929 as part of a multi sports club. (3.999) Virtus Bologna: il Presidente sarà Giuseppe Sermasi (3.707) È una delle squadre più titolate d'Italia potendo vantare nel proprio palmarès quindici scudetti, otto Coppe Italia, una Supercoppa italiana e cinque titoli internazionali. [51] In 1988–89 Virtus won its third Italian Cup, but it was defeated in the semifinals for the national championship against Enichem Livorno, coached by Bucci. [103] However, suffering from serious financial problems, mainly caused by the failure of Madrigali's video game company CTO SpA, Virtus was excluded from the Serie A in August 2003, after missing payments to players, first of all the young Slovenian Sani Bečirovič. Basket city. [135][136] On 11 March, after a defeat against Cantù and with Virtus temporarily out of playoffs, the team board sacked Sacripanti and appointed the Serbian Aleksandar Đorđević as new head coach. Ciao Nba, Belinelli torna alla Virtus Bologna 'Progetto stimolante'. [18] However, in the next three seasons, Alesini did not reach to bring back the title to Bologna. [43] Virtus ended the regular season second, after Peterson's Olimpia. Guyton and Bennett Davison and was coached by Giordano Consolini, who served as Messina's assistant for years. Sasha Djordjevic, allenatore della Virtus Bologna, commenta la vittoria ottenuta nel derby: “Derby importantissimo, giocato in una maniera giusta, partendo dalla difesa, da lì abbiamo trovato la forza per chiuderlo anticipatamente con buone esecuzioni in attacco e qualche canestro facile in contropiede, che ci ha permesso di finirlo con questo margine. Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, known for sponsorship reasons as Segafredo Virtus Bologna, is an Italian professional basketball club based in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna. The team ended the regular season in first place, but he was eventually eliminated by Olimpia Milan in the playoffs' semifinals. [7] At the end of the world war, Santa Lucia was no longer available for basketball games and after a brief period of outdoor matches on a field in Via del Ravone, the team moved to Sala Borsa, the city's stock exchange, readjusted in the evening for basketball matches. The club built a good team for the league, led by important players such as Guido Rosselli, Klaudio Ndoja, Michael Umeh and Kenny Lawson. [91][92] On 28 April 2001, Virtus won its seventh Italian Cup against Pesaro,[93] while on 10 May, the Black V won its second EuroLeague, defeating 3–2 Tau Cerámica, in the first and only series in the history of EuroLeague finals. Datome morde, Virtus Bologna piegata, Marco Belinelli è un nuovo giocatore dela Virtus Segafredo Bologna, Un’arena da 16mila posti, ecco l’alba della nuova Virtus, Historical record and names at Lega Basket Serie A, Italian clubs in international competitions,, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Denotes player who has never appeared in an NBA regular season or playoff game. CIl cestista ha trovato un accordo di massima con la Segafredo del patron Massimo Zanetti per ritornare a giocare in Serie A dopo 13 stagioni in Nba . [35] The team also reached the semifinals of the Cup Winners' Cup, where it was eliminated for only one point by the Dutch EBBC. E’ arrivata la firma di Frank Gaines, e la trattativa con Julian Gamble ha fatto significativi passi avanti, tanto da potersi considerare in dirittura d’arrivo. Non mi basta restare solo per un contratto, Classifiche, risultati e statistiche sulla stagione 2003–04, Rivoluzione Virtus: Sabatini caccia tutti, Virtus, Sabatini parla con 2 imprenditori «Tra 7 giorni lo statuto della fondazione», Virtus Bologna, Renato Villalta accetta l'incarico di Presidente, "Obiettivo Lavoro e Virtus: facciamo squadra insieme", "Virtus Bologna relegated for the first time", Zanetti conquista la Virtus. Since its foundation, Virtus Bologna has changed several home arenas. [130][131] Virtus ended second in the regular season behind Treviso and on 19 June 2017 won the playoffs, beating Trieste by 3–0, thus returning to the top series after only one year. [11] In 1949–50 season, the Black V arrived second after Olimpia Milano; during these years, the long-time rivalry with Olimpia, known as "derby of Italy", began. Returning to the top in Italy, the Black V attempted to become a major team in Europe too, and in 1981, Virtus reached the final of the FIBA European Champions Cup in Strasbourg. [156] In November 2020, Virtus signed a three-year deal with Marco Belinelli, from the San Antonio Spurs. [39], At the end of the season, Driscoll asked for a renegotiation of his contract, but Porelli did not accept it and fired the American coach, despite the great successes achieved in only two years.

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